southernhay plan retouchedWe have raised £117,717

Phase 1 of the work is now complete. The church foyer has been completely remodelled and new glass doors installed so the entrance is now welcoming and light. The Tower Room has a small kitchenette with facilities for making tea and coffee. Finally the old flourescent tubes in the church have been replaced by LEDs give brighter and more consistent illumination. The access ramp to the hall has been installed with new hall doors matching the church doors. Both church and hall doors have a push-button entry system.

We are now deciding which aspects of the plan will carried out in Phase 2. However before that can happen more fund raising is needed.

Our Appeal Leaflet gives details of the background for the planned building works. Plans to modernise the church entrance and foyer and access to the hall and the hall foyer were prepared by our architects Harris McMillan.

Details of the planned work …

Church doorsGlass doorsChurch Entrance

The wooden doors will be replaced with glass doors.

Foyer 1aChurch Foyer

The inner glass doors will be removed. 

The ceiling lowered and doors to gallery and basement installed. 

The lighting will be improved.

Tower RoomTower Room

Has already been refurbished but will contain a kitchenette with a servery in the foyer.

Southernhay towards doorKath Logan picture churchChurch

The church will be redecorated. 

The pews will be replaced by chairs. 

The lighting and heating will be modernised and a new audio visual system installed.

Hall doorRampHall Entrance and Foyer

A new door and access ramp will be fitted. 

The toilets will be replaced with modern facilities including an accessible toilet. 

The foyer will be refurbished.


The floor has already been resurfaced. 

New doors will be fitted and the hall redecorated.